Wałbrzych / Waldenburg

September 14th, 2014
Jewish cemetery

Jewish cemetery

A large industrial city, formerly a coal mining town that had a rich Jewish heritage of which only the “New Cemetery” has survived; it is in a remarkably good state of preservation. Sadly, what was left of the “Old Cemetery” from 1862 was recently razed.

Before leaving, obtain a road map of Lower Silesia. Take highways 383 and 381 to Wałbrzych and, with the help of a city map, go to the city centre and find a parking spot on Plac Magistracki (one block from, the Rynek, the town square).. Go on foot to the near Rynek and from there, take ul. Stanisława Moniuszki past the large red brick church, past the park of the Czettritz palace to the left (Zamek) until you come to a group of houses to the right. Inquire there for the access to the Jewish cemetery which is situated about one hundred yards behind the behind the apartment houses you see.to your right.

The cemetery is open Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday when an attendant is present. A large number of gravestones are still standing of well known families from German times, s.a. Thomas, Peritz, and many others. In addition, there are also many graves from the immediate post World War II years when Wałbrzych was home to many Jewish citizens that had been liberated from the concentration camps. The well maintained brick building in the centre of the cemetery is the former Mortuary (Leichenhalle) which now also serves for occasional prayer services. In contrast to the Wałbrzych synagogue, the mortuary was not destroyed by flames but devastated by vandals. It has been tastefully restored, including the remnants of prayers painted on the walls that had been donated by a member of the Jewish community.

You may contact Mr. Ludwik Hoffman, the head of the small Jewish community for information and access:

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