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September 14th, 2014

These are the reasons why we need your help to save the syn­agogue!

Since 1989, Poland is once more a democracy and, since May 2004, Poland is a member of the Euro­pean Union. Poland has a long democratic tradition and has now opened its gates again to the big world. In order to realize the above mentioned important objectives, it is of paramount importance to make the synagogue as a concre­te institution and a symbolic esta­blishment the focal point of our project, which will unite the past, the present and the future.

This cannot be realized without your financial support

Our project operates in coordination with the following public institutions:

  • The administration of the City of Dzierżoniów, its mayor and its chief engineer.
  • The Polish Regional Inspecto­rate for Historical Buildings in Wałbrzych / Waldenburg.
  • The Jewish Community of Wrocław / Breslau and surrounding areas.
  • The National Jewish Community of Poland in Warszawa / Warsaw.

We turn to all of you, who consider our task important enough and therefore wish to contribute to it with information or donations of money, small or larger amounts from private and public sources.

The time for your contribution is now, because we have no time to lose. Whatever has been totally decayed or destroyed, will never be restored and the past will be lost and forgotten forever.

We must not let this happen!

We are asking for your help!

If the objectives that the Beiteinu Chaj-2004 Found­ation has set for itself, are close to your interest,

if you are familiar with similar pro­jects,

if it is close to your heart to save this great example of Jewish-Po­lish-German cultural heritage,

if you believe that the victims of the Holocaust must never be for­gotten, just as the memory of the centuries of past rich Jewish life in Poland and in Germany,

if you want to participate in this important project of the Beiteinu Chaj-2004 Found­ation in re­membrance of your loved ones, deceased or murdered,

Please remember us!

The Beiteinu Chaj-2004 Found­ation urgently needs your help in order to save the venerable syna­gogue of Dzierżoniów / Reichen­bach from ruin and restore it to its old glory, as a house of worship, a museum, and a cultural center.

The Beiteinu Chaj-2004 Found­ation accepts all donations, big or small, with gratitude, to be used for the realization of the objective stated above. Not only your dona­tions, but also your suggestions and recommendations are most welcome.

How to forward a donation?

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